Your transactions have a better chance of
success when they are piloted by Aspiri


Buyers of PPE are facing significant difficulties finding certified product and closing transactions because most do not know where to go to find legitimate sellers of PPE product.

In 2020 this market has grown and become fraught with deceit, myths, fraud and misrepresentations.

Buyers of PPE far outnumber the number of legitimate sellers. Even legitimate buyers with needs of 1b+ units are facing what’s considered an “extreme” seller’s market, meaning that sellers hold all the power, and buyers get frustrated because they are required to do things on sellers terms.

Aspiri acts as your pilot to guide you to legitimate sellers and help you comply with the most current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) required by each seller.



From your planning pre-bid to closing Aspiri will guide
and support you through each stage
Buyer Submits
  • Letter of Intent (LOI)

  • NTE Price

  • Letter of Attestation (LOA)

  • Timing
  • Previous bid history

  • Any applicable CAGE code

  • Mutual Non-Compete Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNCNDA)

Seller Returns
  • Price

  • Seller attorney provides Standard Purchase Agreement (SPA)

Buyer provides BCL
  • Same attorney for LOA & BCL

Buyer accepts Price
  • Approves Standard Purchase Agreement (SPA)

  • Verifies BCL with Bank

  • Seller attorney provides IMFPA

Buyer provides BCL
  • Docs submitted for approval

  • 3M or private lot holders



PPE products really exist; do not be discouraged by the process. The buy-sell
transactions are complex and take patience to complete due to all of the
details involved to close.


Best case is 7-10 business days to close, based on document flow and product availability.
  • Escrow set up at same U.S. bank as BCL

  • Confirms buyer escrow

  • Provides closing docs: SGS, POP

Buyer confirms
  • Docs: SGS, POP

  • Delivery schedules are set
Buyer and seller mutually approve all documents
  • Standard Purchase Agreement (SPA)

  • ICPO documents

  • And confirmation of all related details

Review our streamlined process steps


  • Your setup is key. Because of fraud and misrepresentation in the marketplace legitimate sellers need to ensure buyers are legitimate and funded. Your LOI and LOA opens the door to connecting with these sellers. We act as your guide to what you need to provide to meet seller requirements.
  • In this initial stage do not make pricing a big issue. You will have time to negotiate price during the course of the deal.
  • We ask you to set a target price and a not to exceed price to give the most opportunity to find potential sellers
  • Your bank makes a difference. Sellers are requiring that you use US based bank from their suggested list to ensure a timely transaction with the fewest possible regulatory delays.
  • Be realistic in your expectations
    There are a lot of moving parts in these sales. Sellers have many options. Your best chance as a buyer, even as a buyer of large lots, is to work with Aspiri to make sure you have everything correctly lined up before you start looking for a seller

Your deal has the best chance of a success when you understand what sellers will and won’t do. Once you submit an offer with a target price and a not to exceed price, Aspiri will match you with a seller who will provide a firm price offer. Sellers will not provide the lot numbers, SGS and other credentials to verify that the product exists and that it is legitimate until they receive the BCL confirmation that the buyer is legitimate and has the necessary funds. The reason for this is that those documents have been used in fraud schemes.

The seller will provide a LOI with a firm price that buyers can accept or counter. They will also provide a Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) with terms.

Once you have accepted a firm price from the seller, all your documents and funds must be verified. Buyers should expect that sellers will request background checks on the buyer, the buyers firm and the attorney and law firm representing the buyer. Availability of funds must be verified in order to open escrow. At this stage the sellers SOP will specify how many parties can be named in the Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement (IMFPA) any related parties on the buyers side, either buyer’s agents or referrers will be set in a sub-IMFPA

Buyer opens an escrow account at the same bank that provided the BCL and using the same attorney that signed the LOA. We work closely with both buyers and sellers to clear all the key hurdles including verification of funds and of product as specified by the purchase agreement. All commissions and payments are finalized in the IMFPA and if needed a sub IMFPA.

We monitor all closing needs to assure delivery logistics and payments are made in accordance the the SPA and the IMFPA and all controlling documents.


Streamline PPE acquisition through direct connections
and transparency