Streamlining PPE acquisition through direct
seller connections and transparency
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The Aspiri Team is united in passionate commitment to creation and innovation. We provide tools for inventors, developers and entrepreneurs that enable humanity to thrive.

We believe that everyone can have a positive impact on humanity. Empathy, trust and transparency build solid relationships to empower creators to do more and go further.

For PPE buyers and sellers, Aspiri is a credible, dependable partner linking a network of qualified buyers to branded and verified sellers supplying masks, gloves and other PPE quickly and cost efficiently.

The PPE market as it is evolving did not exist at the outset of 2020. Lawrence Koh’s decades of experience in manufacturing and distributing high quality products positioned Aspiri for access to the highest quality products coming directly from the most preferred providers.

Our wide network of 3M distributors, private sellers and other sources offers our buyers the best access to products currently available.

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Lawrence’s many years of doing business with manufacturers in Asia has positioned Aspiri to succeed in acquiring the highest quality PPE products from the most reputable sources.

Long-term relationships with their sales representatives allows Aspiri to streamline the process and close deals successfully.

A life-long entrepreneur with a background in manufacturing, quality control, sourcing and import/export, Lawrence specializes in simplifying complex contracting and establishing logistical supply chain between China and the United States. He conducts high-level negotiations and creates significant partnerships in the Far East and in the US. His extensive experience has earned the trust of governments throughout Asia, Africa, South America and the EU.

His clients include

America Express, Nike, Intel


Streamline PPE acquisition through direct connections
and transparency